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The intersection of functionality and aesthetics creates an interior that is carefully curated, elegant and restful. But now, more than ever, good design must also take sustainability into account.

There are many different ways, both large and small, to be more environmentally friendly and nowhere is this more important than in our homes where our well-being is paramount. Personal health and happiness, after all, depend not just on interior design choices, but also on the impact that these choices have on the wider environment.

By choosing furniture that has already proved its longevity through the quality of its craftsmanship and design credentials as well as its aesthetic appeal, it’s possible to lessen our environmental impact in a meaningful way, not just in terms of waste and what is thrown away, but also by avoiding unnecessary manufacture and production processes in the first place.

Recycle and repurpose: Choose vintage investment pieces that can become family heirlooms and natural, organic fabrics like wool, linen and hemp that last generations but will return gently to the earth at the end of their life cycle.

Reduce negative impact on the environment by sourcing objects that already exist, objects that bring their history to a space whilst becoming part of your own story.

Recycle, reduce, repurpose: To see AU’s collection of sustainable pieces, including hand carved marble tables and recycled textiles, click here.

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