Founded by interior stylist Anna Unwin, AU Is a private atelier sourcing vintage furniture, objects and art, alongside interior styling.

Anna’s refined ‘eye’, as well as her extensive experience as an stylist and her background in textiles Anna has curated a simplicity, elegance and timeless style that defines AU.

Lead by Anna, The intimate team at AU has forged a strong reputation as being the place to source vintage pieces that complement simple refined interior spaces. Drawing on a wealth of experience, creativity and passion for interior design. 

AU specialises in identifying objects that fit seamlessly into any interior, be it contemporary or more traditional. Sourcing pieces owned and valued previously ensures they carry an innate history and longevity which has withstood the test of time and transcends passing designs.

With bases in Ibiza and the UK, AU offers a unique access to a wider network of dealers. With long standing relationships in the UK and worldwide and a strong history in the industry, finding the perfect piece for you is made simple. Logistics and storage are all part of the offering, enabling clients to have flexibility to suit their timescales.

Hannah, leads the UK sourcing and trade partnerships, with Anna based in Ibiza and London, focusing on European and worldwide sourcing and styling projects.

With our discreet offering for private clients as far as New Zealand, USA and Dubai, in addition to our loyal UK clients AU has built a name as "The Go To" for unique pieces - antique, mid century or vintage - that create a special dialogue between space, colour and form.