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Like its opposite white, black both contrasts and complements.  It is a colour that can add great depth to an interior; an excellent backdrop for brighter colours, the odd touch or accent can also unify neutral tones, bringing a design scheme together as a cohesive whole. 

Strictly speaking, of course, black is not a colour.  By definition, it is the negation of light; surfaces appear black only because they absorb any visible light waves.  This quality makes black very interesting to work with and its ability to absorb light doesn’t necessarily mean that it creates dark and dreary spaces.  Instead, black blurs and softens sharp edges making interiors seem larger and feel restful.

At times elegant and sophisticated, at others dramatic and mysterious, a little bit of black can go a long way.  It is a colour of many sentiments: though associated with death, mourning and grief, it is also symbolic of power, sophistication and restraint.  Black’s strength and complexity should not be underestimated. 

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