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As a gemstone, onyx is thought to bring strength and stamina, enhancing both durability and self-control.  It is also said to protect against bad luck arising from jealousy, deflecting negativity whether the source is internal or external.

Whether or not this is true, what can certainly be said is that an object hand carved from onyx – with its smooth patina and diaphanous quality – is an asset to any space. 

Like marble, onyx is a stone that sits beautifully in an interior, be that interior contemporary or traditional.  This is partly down to onyx’s versatility; whether it embodies discreet neutrality or is a more dynamic, dramatic object, the stone has the ability to pair sensitively with other materials, both organic and manufactured.

The Ancient Greeks believed that the goddess Aphrodite was resting on the bank of the River Indus when Eros fired an enchanted arrow at her.  The arrow sheared off her nails and they fell into the water coming to rest on the riverbed where they turned into onyx. 

Unfortunately, the objects in AU’s collection do not come from the Indus.  Instead, they were handcrafted by artisans and stonemasons who have honed their skills over generations. Every single piece has been handpicked to fit with AU’s ethos of sustainability through re-usability; they are all one-off, vintage finds.

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