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The objects we place in our interiors aren’t just decorative; they can also teach us much about humankind.  Antique tables or vintage lamps might be selected because of their aesthetic, but such finds come to us already possessing a story of their own and taking a closer look at the provenance of an object teaches us much about the place from which it originated. 

Such is the case with tribal pieces.  Hand made by indigenous communities with expertise passed down through generations, each unique piece is infused with history and culture. Tribal art and crafts not only provide inspiration for our interior spaces, they are also a tangible reminder of ancestry and heritage.

Hand dyed batik, bold geometric fabric patterns, woven baskets, hand carved stools and seats; these are just a few items that can bring tribal elements to an interior.  Raw and organic with a focus on a connection with nature, tribal art and craft can include decorative elements such as shells, feathers, leather and bone inlay. Beading, fringe work and hand stitching is common, as are exuberant flashes of colour, although warm, tones and natural textures remain fundamental.

Thought provoking therefore and beautiful, a tribal home offers the scope to remain minimalist and pared back or more colourful and dramatic.  To see AU’s collection of vintage tribal pieces - including Kuba cloth cushions and hand carved tribal seats - visit 


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