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AU Edit | The Green Home

Minimalist no longer means over-modern.  Even in pared back interiors, nature is creeping back determinedly into our living spaces bringing with it physiological benefits and copious amounts of aesthetic beauty.

Biophilic design, that is, bringing the outside in, has grown in popularity in recent years and arises from a desire not only to connect with nature and marvel at its vibrancy, but also to nurture it.  Greater peace of mind is just one of the rewards to be found in the process of growing and tending to plants.  Decorative and striking, plants also keep the air we breathe fresh, their presence promoting focus and positivity.

Plants give our interiors an organic feel therefore, whilst at the same time, creating visual interest, contrasting pleasingly with harder surfaces and straighter lines.  And the choice of container can be a sculptural piece in its own right: vintage resin, studio pottery or raw concrete, the options for creating a stunning statement piece are endless. 

Plants are focal points and a means of enriching our lives and environments.  Best of all - whatever their size and whether they’re in planters or plant pots – they can be moved around and relocated relatively easily.  Their life affirming attributes creating gentle partitions, especially in open plan living spaces, but wherever they’re placed they have the ability to subtly suffuse neutral tones with natural vibrancy.

To see AU’s collection of vintage planters for both indoor and outdoor spaces, click here.


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