AU Edit | Wool

Wool durable, warm and aesthetically pleasing, what makes it exceptional is its organic, biodegradable nature.

Even when it has been used, reused and recycled, and finally comes to the end of its life it simply returns to the earth, releasing its valuable nutrients back into the soil with no detrimental effects.

Like silk, cotton and linen, wool is natural - used for thousands of years because of its practical qualities. Delivering a versatility that is almost unmatched and a functionality that is certainly unrivalled.  

The Romans believed that having come from a living animal, wool contained a spirit, an ‘animus’.  Consequently. It was believed to have a beneficial relationship to the gods and was linked to strength, health and life itself. 

Today, it is wool’s sustainability and ecological attributes that endear it to us; it is both adaptable and functional.

Wool embraces AU’s ethhos to reduce, reuse and recycle - weaving seamlessly through our collection.


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