AU Edit | Travertine

Among AU’s carefully sourced collection of vintage tables are those hand carved from travertine. 

The beauty and versatility of this sedimentary stone has long been appreciated; thousands of years ago it was used in general construction and it can still be admired in many famous monuments today.

A terrestrial rock similar to marble, travertine forms from limestone in geo-thermally heated springs or caves. Like marble, travertine is highly aesthetic and undeniably functional. 

It can be polished to a smooth finish or honed to matte; it can be chiselled or brushed, without any of its natural beauty diminished.

Coming in a multitide of calm muted shades, including ivory, cream and beige, travertine provides interior stylists with a palette full of true neutrals. 

Depending on the amount of iron or other organic impurities found in the original limestone, travertine can also take on many hues ranging from walnut through to gold and a myriad of purples, oranges and reds.  

Being a natural, organic stone means that each and every piece is unique.

Travertine has the ability to transform and unite in equal measure; its timeless quality and appeal transcends interior design trends.


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