AU Edit | Crystals

AU Edit | Crystals

Healing and restorative, crystals bring affirming energy and unmatched beauty to any interior. 

Clustering together deep in the earth’s crust, they are formed by deposits of minerals.  This layering is symbolic undeniably sculptural and decorative, crystals are also said to have healing properties.

Crystals are said to encourage and energise, cleanse and renew, or calm and relieve.  It is thought that their vibrations interact with our own chakras – various focal points used in ancient meditative practices – aligning our bodies with our souls and thus restoring serenity and equilibrium.

Nowadays, the vast majority of crystals are produced naturally and sustainably.  No longer mined, the environmental impact of obtaining them is significantly reduced.  Nevertheless, with their glittering aesthetic, crystals still evoke a sense of wonder at how miraculous and awe-inspiring nature is.

Crystals provide texture and contrast beautifully with other materials, such as burnished wood, polished marble or travertine. Bringing serenity to a pared back minimal interior. 


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