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A hundred years ago, homes in all parts of the world would possess a dough bowl; a vessel in which dough was mixed, it then also provided a warm place in which it could rise before being baked.  Bowls could be made from any wood as long as it was free from knots and other defects and were commonly handed down through generations. 

At the beginning of the 1900s, hand carved bowls such as these were used by bakers living in farmhouses in Turkey and Eastern Europe.  But these days, their use can be modified: they can also offer perfect styling solutions for an interior. A huge dough bowl placed at the end of a sofa or bed, could be used to store  blankets, for example.  Smaller bowls too, work beautifully as centre pieces on tables or in a bathroom setting to hold crystal geodes or bath salts.

Vintage dough bowls can serve many different purposes.  Easily cared for, they can be gently cleaned used warm water and mild dishwashing soap and because wood is proven to be naturally antibacterial, they needn’t just be decorative.


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