Interior Design and the Transformative Effect of Marble

Interior Design and the Transformative Effect of Marble

Marble is metamorphic which simply means it is a rock that has undergone a transformation. Incredibly beautiful and natural, marble is the result of limestone having been heated and pressurised within the earth’s crust.

Beauty from imperfection

Composed of recrystallized carbonate materials, most commonly calcite or dolomite, the impurities that are present in the limestone when it goes through the change affect its mineral composition; this is what gives marble its unique veining, colouring and textures. Imperfections give rise to beauty. Reliable and sturdy in construction to the point where it lasts for thousands and thousands of years, marble was chosen by the Ancient Greeks and Romans for both its allure and its dependability. Highly versatile, marble can be polished or left raw and it is also able to withstand extreme heat. It’s therefore a material that has been venerated by sculptors and artisans for centuries. 


Interior Design and Styling

It is somewhat ironic then, that it is marble – so transformed itself – that has the ability to transform living spaces and interiors. Marble is chosen because of its minimal aesthetic; although it can be an investment, it is one that is sustainable and considered. Marble, after all, is able to withstand a lot of wear and tear whilst at the same time, conveying a timeless elegance. One or two statement pieces are subtle enough to fit seamlessly indoors or out, complementing a space whether it is classic or modern. Unless overused, marble will never steal the show; what it will do is unite styles without detracting from them. 


Signature Pieces

Being a natural stone means that each piece of marble is unique. It is not just this individuality or its stand-alone beauty to which AU is attracted; it’s marble’s impressive ability to be a signature piece within any environment, be that contemporary or traditional. Browse through our collection of handcrafted marble tables and objects here.

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